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eXtreme+ v2.4 Açıklama (eXtreme+ v2.4 Explanation)

eXtreme+ v2.4 is now released

Version 2.4 brings you:


Added: list based modes 4 and 5 for end-of-game voting system.
»» Based on map list _ex_votemaps.gsc; see mapcontrol.cfg.
Added: bot/testclient removal. Bots removed when game over.
»» Work in progress. Limit on bots rejoining still exists.
Added: in-game music jukebox with quick message control panel (miscfeatures.cfg).
»» This feature has persistent preference memory (save preference on server).
Added: indoor map feature overrides. Disable outdoor stuff in one go (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: "Scoped-On" feature, showing enemy's name when targeted while ADS.
Added: xmodel for mustard gas grenades (were using the fire nade xmodels before).
Added: compass background changer (still or slideshow).
Added: map rotation stacker (add. sv_mapRotation strings to overcome the 1024c limit).
Added: enable/disable frags and smokes (or replacements) in RCON weapon settings.
Added: no check for team balancing for the first 60 seconds of a game.
Added: suicide nades (frag and satchel charges only). See weaponcontrol.cfg.
Added: player can assign other key to bind to SR/LR switch scope zoom.
»» This feature has persistent preference memory (save preference on server).
Added: burst-mode for mg´s and smg´s (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: one time auto-switcher for LR rifles (weaponcontrol.cfg)
Added: a shitload of modern weapons (weaponcontrol.cfg + optional download).
Added: turret overheating (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: no more lightbulb headicon when talking in-game.
Added: clan member checking (check name in list if wearing a registered clan tag).
Added: map vote memory (omit maps from the map vote) (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: bolt+sniper only class.
Added: in-game RCON recording center (record demos when client console is off).
Added: clean-up for game type specific hud elements (ex_hud).
Added: clan-only spectating (clancontrol.cfg).
Added: check number of turrets on map, before allowing plant (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: variable tripwire hold, plant and defuse time.
Added: threshold system for punishment for attacking a SP player (monitoring.cfg).
Added: adjustable flamethrower range (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: adjustable clipsize on spawn (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: selectable color and size for spawn protection head icon (monitoring.cfg).
Added: close kill protection (playercontrol.cfg).
Added: player based filter for end-of-game voting modes 4 and 5.
Added: set DRM vars based on number of players (_small, _medium, _large extensions).
Added: dynamic zoom levels for LR sniper rifles and Modern Weapons snipers.


Changed: quickcommands.menu now has localized string for "9. Defend this position!"
Changed: fall damage min/max are processing map/game type extensions now.
Changed: end-game mapvote supports 160 maps now (def. changed in mapcontrol.cfg).
Changed: page numbering of end-game mapvote changed to save 15 localized strings.
Changed: removed init of level.drawfriend in _friendicons.gsc. Already in gtcommon.
Changed: scr_allies and scr_axis check removed from varcache (done in GT scripts).
Changed: game["allies"] and game["axis"] check moved from varcache to GT scripts.
Changed: removed splitscreen check from _grenadeindicators code.
Changed: cg_fovScale "0" was invalid (_grenadeindicators.gsc). Set to 1.
Changed: tripwire: frag/smoke combo's now possible even when holding 2 or more frags.
Changed: moved entities settings from miscfeatures.cfg to mapcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved laserdot settings from playercontrol.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved LR hitloc settings from healthcontrol.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: moved minefield settings from miscfeatures.cfg to weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: _ex_weapons.gsc overhaul (giveGrenades code incl. all special nades now).
Changed: increased defaults for gas and napalm minefields to avoid exploits.
Changed: changed sorting in ex_mapvote to avoid infinite loop errors on Linux.
Changed: model limiter now really limits face *and *body models (defaults set to 1).
Changed: flamethrower optimized (removed floating model; no damage through walls).
Changed: spawn protection now also drops when player aims down sight.
Changed: punishment for attacking a SP player does not apply to WMD, nades, satchels.
Changed: g_deadchat in serversettings.cfg is enabled (1) now.
Changed: model limiter now really limits models to the same body and head.
Changed: players being team balanced can now reselect their weapons.
Changed: player based rotation vars in maprotation replaced (see mapcontrol.cfg).
Changed: range finder does not require USE key anymore. Always shows when ADS.
Changed: no rearming when aiming down scope.


Fixed: scr_allies and scr_axis are processing map/game type extensions now.
Fixed: matched defaults for scr_drawfriend and scr_teambalance in varcache/gtcommon.
Fixed: scr_forcerespawn override by death music setting didn't work.
Fixed: default setting for ex_switch_scopezoom in _ex_varcache was wrong.
Fixed: game["draw_flag"] problem is S&D.
Fixed: DRM didn't process multiple overrides for the same var correctly.
»» an override changed the base var used for subsequent override checks, making it
impossible to override a previous override with a more specific one.
Fixed: tracers caused errors when using ex_entities (no spawn points for tracers).
Fixed: weapon limiter for LR rifles. Although restricted, sniper rifles did show on menu.
Fixed: incorrect nade loadout in serverinfo.
Fixed: removed double (and invalid) setting for ex_showinjptime.
Fixed: default for ex_showinjptime (was 5 in _ex_varcache, should be 3).
Fixed: in-game RCON didn't show maps when joining spectators right away.
Fixed: able to plant tripwire with two satchel charges when only holding one.
Fixed: sounds for satchel charges (missing sound aliases for cord and throw).
Fixed: doBleedPainSound() in _ex_firenades.gsc caused errors when bleeding was off.
Fixed: double nade count in esd, lts, rbcnq, rbctf and sd if special nades were used.
Fixed: no smoke nades when scr_allow_fraggrenades set to "0".
Fixed: ammo sharing between flamethrower and flammenwerfer.
Fixed: flamethrowers stop functioning when weapon limiter limit for FT´s reached.
Fixed: GWEAPON_TT33 reference in gweapon.str (should have been GWEAPON_TT30).
Fixed: credits for satchel charges (xxWhiZZlExx and Mrs).
Fixed: missing last map in end-game map vote screen when map replay was enabled.
Fixed: possibility to call for WMD multiple times by toggling binocs and pressing USE.
Fixed: spawn protection still active after throwing nade.
Fixed: damage adjustment depending on range (_ex_utils::scriptfxradiusdamage).
Fixed: skipping obits for bash and teamkills.
Fixed: added execKey 5 to sniper-only menu.
Fixed: key selection for letters was not working in menus.
Fixed: knife thread didn't end on player's death (adding new thread on every spawn).
Fixed: knife causing damage at great distance. Now limited to 300 units.
Fixed: flamethrower tank explosions did not always occur.
Fixed: errors when players connected during statsboard.
Fixed: turret abuse counter wasn't reset on spawn.
Fixed: errors when players were connecting when weapon limiter was on (vary rare).
Fixed: MG only menu (not team based) had overlapping images for 30cal and mg42.
Fixed: added &&1 to axisfreed and alliesfreed localized strings for LIB (thx Peter-Jan).
Fixed: some bombtimer errors in SD and ESD.
Fixed: added removal of game type specific hud elements to ex_hud.
Fixed: script errors when trying to setWeaponSlotWeapon to "ignore".
Fixed: some incorrect level vars in model limiter code.
Fixed: iprintlFIXED error in ESD when changing weapons in game.
Fixed: localized string CLIENTCONTROL_RECRUIT (_ex_clientcontrol).
Fixed: parachutes sticking when player disconnects (code overhaul).
Fixed: infinite loop errors (mainly on Linux).
Fixed: global sound for replenishWeapons().
Fixed: scr_xxx_timelimit, scr_xxx_scorelimit and scr_xxx_roundlimit didn’t take _map ext.
Fixed: obit level 0-4 prevented long. headshot and long. distance from being recorded.
Fixed: weapon damage modifiers for frag grenades (or replacements) and smoke grenade replacements.
Fixed: weapon drop anim on primary weapon when initiating sprint.
Fixed: HUD elements not positioned correctly on widescreen monitors.


a few notes:

some of the modern weapons models are misaligned, nothing we can do about it, we tried for months to get some one to work on them for us.

with the map rotation stacker, if you put more than 64 maps on the server. the map name will not display right, it will display the long name, like mp_gob_rats, instead of Gob Rats, there is a limit in the game that we have no control over, but the server works, i think we currently run over 90 active maps on the test server.

THANKS {PST}*Joker eXtreme+ Support Crew for creat this mode

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