29 Ağustos 2008 Cuma

Call Of Duty 2 Admiral Mode

Admiral Mod cod2 arasında SD TDM den sonra sevilen ve en fazla tutulan moddur. Bu sunuculara girmeden önce kurulum yapmanız gerekmektedir. Kurulum için Admiral Mod'u BURADAN indirin. İndirdiğiniz .zip dosyasının içindeki "Call of Duty 2" klasörünün içinde bulunan dosyaları, sisteminizdeki Call of Duty 2 klasörüne atın. (Eğer kurulum sırasında değiştirmediyseniz bu klasör C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2 dizinindedir).

The AdmiralMOD is a popular CALL OF DUTY 2 MOD with many features and gametypes and since a few days there are AM Cup's: (HERE) all over the world. In a few weeks it will be available an instant Team vs Team function... and much more.



- Capture The Beer
- Counterstrike S&D
- Domination
- Multiplayer Missions
- Night Of Zombies


- Protected AutoDownload ON
- Map vote and Gametype vote (+ Clanmembers)
- Halftime-Mode for Search & Destroy
- Points settings (CTF/SD)
- Mortar Attacks


- Player-Classes (Soldier, Medic, TNT, Artillery, Spy)
- Rank-System (like UO)
- Squad System (each team has Squad-Units)
- Player Sprinting (USE-Button)
- Player Climbing (USE-Button)
- Player Boat Landing (not only spawn on the map)
- Player Bleeding
- Player Healing (Class-System: as Medic)
- Anti Teamkill
- Anti "UnknownSoldier" function
- Inactive Players - switch to spectator
- Optional: Arm Shot: drop weapon
- Optional: Unknown Soldier (rename)
- Spawn Protection
- Optional: Spy can climb


- BattleChatter System (the AI speak to your team)
- Ambient Sounds
- Taunt-Comments (Quickmessages, 3 , 9)
- Enemy in the house warning (+floor number)
- Kill-Comments
- Death-Sounds
- Grenade-Throw-Comments
- Automatic Medic Call
- Spy Radio-Sound


- Weapon Arsenal (you can carry lots of weapons)
- Secondary Weapon Choice (when player spawn)
- Artillery-Mode with enhanced Light Effects + Radio Traffic (like UO)
- Grenade Pickup and Return Throw
- Weapon Pickup
- TNT plant
- Turret (MG) Limiter
- Weapon Damage Modifiers
- Weapon Limits for each Weapon
- Grenade Cooking
- Optional Shellshock
- Optional Minefields
- Optional: Drop Weapon


- Optional old HealthBar (with Health drop)
- Clan-Logo-Graphic on HUD
- Clanlogo-Text on HUD
- Player Life Board
- Camper Radar
- Cinemascope Screen (feels like a movie)
- Red Compass Dots disabled
- Crosshair-Check every 10 sec.
- Player Damage Indicator for the Medic (red hearts)
- Player Hit Effect
- Optional: S&D BombTimer
- Shows Next Map and Gametype
- Message Center
- Optional Death Icons
- Optional Grenade Indicator
- Optional Objective Indicator
- Arty
- Medic

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